10 Best Ak Drum Mag Of 2022

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If you’re having trouble sifting through the numerous options available today to find a ak drum mag that suits your needs, don’t worry. A thorough list of the top 10 ak drum mag for 2022 is provided below. These ak drum mag are the results of many hours of research. Let’s move on!

#List Of The Best ak drum mag : Expert Choice!

Top 10 Best ak drum mag In The Market

1. Surplus Vietnam War Period Chinese Military Drum Mag Pouch

Features :

  • This pouch is Vietnam War period Chinese issued pouch.
  • These Vintage drum pouches have been stored in a military warehouse for many years and may be dusty or show storage age.
  • material:100% cotton webbing and high quality canvas adjustable shoulder strap.
  • Very handy as an ammo pouch, shotgun shell pouch, etc.
  • Dimension: Appro 9.0”X7.5”X3.0″ Weight:0.210kg

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Weight 0.4629707502

2. Anstoy Drum Magāzine, Can Hold 1000 Gel Bullets ,only Applicable to Adult AKMseries

Features :

  • Suitable for adult AKM-Series Gel ball blaster, Loading Capacity – 1000 Rounds.
  • Sturdy structure: Composed of high-quality ABS material, Weight – Approx 278g.
  • High capacity: In most game, 1000 Gel bullets are enough to win the game.
  • Installation: Easy to wind, re-load, and get back in the action.
  • Drum Magāzine: Strong electric winding motor is powered by Two AAA batteries, High speed winding at the push of a button.

3. Evike A&K 2500 Round Box Magazine for M249 AEG Airsoft Light Machine Guns

Features :

  • Compatible with A&K Classic Army and other similar M249s
  • 2500 round capacity reduces reloads on the field
  • Sound control winding capability
  • Pressure switch winding capability
  • Model: 2500 Round Box Magazine

Additional Info :

Color 2500 Round Box Magazine
Item Dimensions
Height 3.45
Width 7.35
Length 9.45

4. Evike Airsoft – Matrix 2000rd Auto Winding Hi-Cap Magazine for M4/M16 Series Airsoft AEG Rifles (Package: Box Mag Only)

Features :

  • Works for all Tokyo Marui / Matrix compatible M4 Series Airsoft AEG
  • Made from High Strength Nylon-Reinforced Polymer
  • Requires 4x AA batteries (Not included)
  • Easy-to-Fill Drums
  • 2000 round capacity
  • Model: M4 / M16 – 2000rd Hicap

Additional Info :

Color M4 / M16 – 2000rd Hicap
Item Dimensions
Height 4.05
Width 6
Length 6.75

5. SportPro 200 Round Polymer RPK Medium Capacity Magazine for AEG AK47 AK74 Airsoft – Brown

Features :

  • Compatible with Many
  • 200 Round Capacity
  • Spring Fed System
  • Polymer Construction
  • No Rattling

Additional Info :

Color Black
Item Dimensions
Width 6.5
Length 18.5
Weight 155

6. Airsoft Shooting Gear Well 370rd Drum Mag Magazine for Well R2 Marui Vz61 Scorpion SMG AEP

Features :

  • Made out of metal and plastic.
  • Capacity – 370rd
  • Suitable for 6mm Plastic Bullet only
  • Weight – Approx 130g
  • Go to the middle left of the page to see the full Product Description.

Additional Info :

7. SportPro 150 Round Polymer Thermold Waffle Medium Capacity Magazine for AEG AK Airsoft

Features :

  • Compatible with Many
  • 150 Round 6mm BB Capacity
  • Top-loading magazines
  • Waffle Grip Texture
  • No Rattling

Additional Info :

Color Black
Item Dimensions
Width 6.5
Length 21.5
Weight 170

8. Airsoft Parts Battleaxe 1400rd Sound Control Electric Drum Magazine for JG(Jing Gong), Classic Army, ICS, APS, D-Boys, CYMA, Tokyo Marui AK Series AEG Black

Features :

  • Made out of ABS polymer.
  • Designed for AK Series AEG Rifle., Suitable for JG(Jing Gong), Classic Army, ICS, APS, D-Boys, CYMA, and Tokyo Marui AK Series AEG etc.
  • Suitable for 6mm Plastic Bullet BB.
  • Weight – Approx 343g
  • Go to the middle of the page to read the complete Product Description.

9. Evike Airsoft – Matrix SR25 Series 2500rds Electric Auto Winding Drum Magazine

Features :

  • ATTN: Product’s fit is not universal with all brands or with some variations; If the product does not fit your specific brand of rifle, please return undamaged and unmodified by making a return request. Test fit immediately after receiving product.
  • Holds a massive 3000 rounds
  • 3 selectable winding modes: sound control, always on, and always off
  • Winding can be controlled via pressure switch
  • Powered by rechargeable nimh battery (battery and charger included)

Additional Info :

Color Electric Auto Winding Drum / 2500rd
Item Dimensions
Height 3.9
Width 6.2
Length 11

10. Evike Airsoft – Blue Box AK 155rds Midcap for AK Style Airsoft AEGs (Color: Black/Set of 3 Magazines)

Features :

  • Injection molded polymer construction
  • 155 round capacity
  • High tension spring ensures reliable feeding
  • Textured, ribbed outer shell overs positive grip
  • [Style]: Black / 155rds (x3)

Additional Info :

Color Black / 155rds (x3)
Item Dimensions
Height 1.45
Width 2.85
Length 8.7

Considerations for purchasing ak drum mag

When you’re prepared to purchase ak drum mag, there are a number of factors to take into account before deciding. In addition to learning how the product feels and looks, you’ll want to know what it can do for you. The best way to purchase something is to approach it logically and remove emotion from the decision-making process. Because you can’t touch or feel the products before making a purchase when you shop online, this is particularly true.

  • What’s your spending limit?
  • How frequently will you utilize it?
  • What characteristics matter to you?
  • Is a warranty offered with it?
  • How simple is it to use?
  • How many users will the product have?
  • Which features do you require?
  • Are you interested in a high-end or low-end model?

Here are some factors to think about before making a purchase:


You should always choose well-known brands over less well-known ones when purchasing ak drum mag. There is no reason why a brand’s most recent model shouldn’t be excellent if they have consistently produced high-quality products in the past. While it does raise your chances of getting high-quality products from them, this does not imply that every product from a company like this would be fantastic.


Check Amazon to see if anyone is selling what you need at a discount if you’re looking for ak drum mag cheap and cheerful. However, for expensive items, it is worth spending more for quality and durability as opposed to choosing a less expensive substitute that might require more frequent repairs and be more expensive in the long run.


Compared to something nasty and cheap, a good quality ak drum mag will last longer. A product’s durability affects how long it will last before needing replacement parts. It’s typically less expensive to buy one of these from the manufacturer if it’s available rather than an entirely new device if only one component breaks.


The quality of ak drum mag should be taken into account first. How long a product lasts and whether it lasts as long as it promises to depend on the quality of the product. So, it’s crucial to make sure you purchase a product that has been tried out and validated by experts and regular consumers. Additionally, it would be best if you completely avoided purchasing from a brand if there were any unfavorable reviews about it.


Before purchasing ak drum mag, reviews are a great way to learn more about it. When reading reviews, keep in mind both the positive and negative comments in order to form an objective assessment of the contested product. It’s crucial to read through a variety of user reviews because each person will have a unique experience with their products depending on their preferences and daily usage.

Examine the features of the item.

There are a number of factors to take into account before buying ak drum mag when shopping around. Consider the product’s features first and how they might meet your needs. Additionally, to get a sense of how others have found the product, read reviews from those who have also used it.

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